Our Goals

Our Galaxy is fueled by consumerism, curiosity and growth. Our creative itch for perfection creates an expansive force that fuels war. Forces hostile to UEE interests grow and expand while our UEE’s powerful hold on systems dwindles. Many systems are now privately owned by young corporations. They align themselves with humanity but often do not share the same interests as there parentage. With discovering new ties to other races hostile and helpful humanity seems to need security more than ever, thus the birth of Trylon.

                Formed by colonists and former UEE soldiers Trylon aspires to be one of the UEE’s greatest privately owned military corporations. Based out of the Vega system Trylon’s first priority is to obtain the resources necessary to do its job. We will obtain a space station and a Pegasus to help establish our fleet’s presence. Our goal is to make the Trylon name feared by all forces that would stand against the UEE. Our goals involve hunting criminals and defending space against hostile forces.